Whether you own a pet or not, you'll agree that they have grown to become a crucial part of man's social life. One of the most popular pets are dogs; no matter what breed they are, these adorable creatures warm hearts all over.

Despite the high rate of ownership of pet dogs, there are still so many living in shelters just waiting to get adopted.

There can never be enough patrons for these shelters, which is perhaps what prompted Just Pizza & Wing Co., a fast-food restaurant in New York, to start attaching flyers advertising shelter dogs.

As if this innovation wasn't already incredible enough, the pizza shop awards people that end up adopting dogs through these ads, a $50 gift certificate for any purchase made at the pizza shop!

The brain behind this idea is Mary Alloy, who owns the franchise. Alloy was inspired while helping, alongside her three children, at the Niagara Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

According to Alloy, this was all thanks to Kimberly LaRussa, a coordinator at SPCA, who came up with the idea to hasten the adoption of the shelter animals by a broadcast flyer attached to each of the pizza boxes at Alloy’s.

Alloy further explained that she quickly got permission from her business partners, who also happened to be animal lovers and "got to work."

The reaction to this initiative has been immense with other pizza shops doing the same to help these animals. There is indeed nothing more heartwarming than an animal lover!

Images credits: Niagara SPCA Facebook Post