It appears that a collaboration between IKEA and Pizza Hut is what we have needed but didn't know! Albeit uniquely different in their different niches, the companies joined hands, and the result is two new unique inventions.

The first is a new pizza recipe for meat-eating consumers. It is produced by Pizza Hut and features IKEA's signature Swedish meatballs as toppings.

At mere sight, it already promises to be delicious, but we are even more delighted by the unique creation, a three-legged table that is a large-sized replica of the little one that is typically found in pizza boxes.

The furniture, which is named "the SÄVA Pizza Table," is the newest addition to IKEA, is white like the miniature version, and boasts of clean, round edges. The creation is beautiful from all angles and is currently being made available in Hong Kong to customers.

The SAVA pizza table can, therefore, be labeled a part of the campaign to promote the new pizza. It comes disassembled in a large pizza box, and much like most of IKEA's other products, the parts of the table are easy to join.

As marketed, once assembled, it makes the perfect table for you to gather around and eat your meatball pizza off of. Customers are, however, warned not to sit on the table!

Going by statistics, the creation has been warmly accepted by the public, making it one that may be generalized soon.