Domino’s Is Giving Away Free Pizzas To Commemorate Freedom Day!

What's better than pizza steaming hot out of the oven? It's FREE pizza! On July 19, 2021, Domino's is set to celebrate "Freedom Day" with its customers. The famous food brand will reportedly share free pizza for a stipulated period during the unusual-but-absolutely-necessary holiday. Here's everything you need to know to get yours!

By Cookist

People have declared Monday, July 19 as Freedom Day, the day we all get a chance to go out like we did before the coronavirus pandemic which has now lasted for over a year and a half now!

World-famous pizza retailer Domino's is ready to spice things up on this special day. According to reports, the giveaway will start at 11am on Monday, and will have the brand sharing 480 free £20 Domino’s vouchers for customers.

They didn't just choose to give 480 randomly, it is reportedly to honor the 480 days that Brits have had to live under some sort of lockdown because of the pandemic.

We bet you're interested in getting one of these FreeDOM Day vouchers! Well, it's good news for you because all you have to do is to convince Domino's to give you one!


They are set to share information regarding the promo on Twitter and all you'll reportedly have to do is respond with a unique reason you deserve free pizza.

Oh no, they're not asking about your finances. They want you to make up the "whackiest" possible reasons you should win a voucher!


The 480 lucky winners will then be privately messaged with a free ​voucher code to redeem. The best part is your options are unlimited when it comes to redeeming your win; you may choose your favourite toppings or better yet, make this an opportunity to get those toppings you've always wanted to try.

Enjoy — and Happy Freedom Day!

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