Don’t throw away the veggie scraps and turn them in wonderful house plants

Transform veggie in a beautiful house plants.

By Cookist

After cook, store the veggie scraps and here's how to do.

Veggie scraps

Garlic: cut a clove and leave the peel on. Put it into a plastic glass and pour water. Place it near a window and after 1-2 weeks you'll see the result. Then put it in a pot with topsoil.

Carrot: after using carrots for your recipe, put the end parts in glass tray and pour water. Place the tray near a window and wait about 1 week. Then put the result in a pot with topsoil.

Sweet potato: Insert 4 toothpicks into a sweet potato. Put it on a glass jar and fill with water. Place near a window and after 3 weeks cut the roots and put them in a glass, pour water. Place near a window too and wait 3 days. Then fill a big pot with topsoil and fertilizer and put the ex-root. Water and after 1 month your plant will be beautiful.


Make your home unique simple using kitchen scraps.

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