If you have an old pan don't throw out it and make this special DIY idea. A perfect object to kids room.

Materials: Old pan Paint (2 different colors), Battery Clock motor, Thick Rope, Number stickers, Hot glue gun, Long strew.


Clean an old frying pan very well.
Remove the old handles from the pan.
Paint the bottom part in 1 color and let it dry.
Cut a circle the size of the center of the pan.
Once dry, cover the pan with the circle and repaint the edges with a different paint
color, let it dry.
Stick the numbers around the pan.
Screw in a long nail where the handle used to be, and wrap the rope around it. Glue
it with a hot glue gun and make a hook. Glue rope to the bottom of the pan.
Stick the clock in the center of the pan.