Don’t Watch This Bradley Cooper Movie On An Empty Stomach

Bradley Cooper is known for his talented display  in numerous movies but our favorites might just be "Burnt," a drama that many fans agree should never be watched on an empty stomach. With a charming plot centered around Cooper's character's struggle to regain his footing in the commercial food industry, it is agreeably a must-watch for every foodie.

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By Cookist

Bradley Cooper's acting career has spanned over two decades with his best known portrayals including roles in "The Hangover" series, "Silver Linings Playbook, and "A Star Is Born."

Although lesser known, "Burnt" is also worthy of praise. If for nothing else, let it be the stunning food cameos. The 2015 drama is centred around a Adam Jones, a prolific chef that fell from grace because of his arrogance. Determined to resurrect his career, he moves to London and starts working in a prestigious restaurant.

The young chef's efforts to find his footing in the restaurant business makes for a thrilling watch.  The amazing creations from the character, who is a three-star Michelin chef by the way, are sure to make your mouth water.

As if Jones' dishes didn't already look appetising enough, the production team take things up a notch with close-up scenes of them. From melting butter for a sauté to the crystal clear views of brightly colored and expertly plated dishes, you'll be thinking about those meals even long after watching the film.

With Cooper's sterling performance, the entire piece is just chef's kiss. But that's no wonder seeing how the award-winning star took inspiration for the performance through personal interactions with three famous chefs: Marcus Wareing, Marco Pierre White, and Gordon Ramsay.

This movie is worth every minute, but take our advice and never watch it without eating first —or at least keeping your favourite snacks close by.

You'll thank us later!

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