Eating While Watching TV Can Take A Huge Toll On Your Health

One of the most enjoyable things to do while enjoying a movie is eating. This obliterates the crucial healthy eating tip that mindful eating be practiced at all times. Whether it's just a snack or a full meal, eating in front of the TV distracts you and causes you to eat much more than you originally planned to. Check below for this and a few more other reasons experts advise that you never eat in front of your television.

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Your television may cause you to lose restraint on lowering your daily calorie intake, eat more junk foods, insatiable, ultimately increasing your risks of obesity.

If you chose to eat while watching TV.

1. You will find it hard to resist taking more portions of food


Seated before a TV, you lose track of just what food, how much of it you are consuming, and how enjoyable it is. Even if you did take a large bowl of the meal at first, you would surely take another round.

This distraction can culminate in binge eating; thus, every individual's critical notice incorporates the habit of mindful eating. Simply put, this includes paying attention to the eating process, and enjoying the sights, flavors, scents of the meal.

2. You might binge on junk food


There is admittedly no better accompaniment for movie night other than cheesy snacks, baked goodies, and other finger foods. Unfortunately, most of these cannot be labeled as healthy choices.

Not only will you be consuming a large amount of junk food than you should, but you would also be increasing your tendencies of turning to food — and perhaps movies — when you are physically or emotionally stressed out.

A study published in the International Journal of Communication and Health has also published that people who watch too much tv binge on junk food.

Tips: turn to healthy and fun recipes if you absolutely need a snack for movie time!

3. It'll be hard for you to feel satiated


Focused on your TV, the enjoyment that comes with eating is significantly reduced, even if that was your favorite meal. This makes you insatiable regardless of the large amounts you may have already consumed.

Ultimately, you will be forced to eat more to satiate yourself.

4. You increase your chances of becoming obese


Obesity is a health condition that can be labeled life-threatening because of its contribution to many other debilitating diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and heart diseases. Unique enough, avoiding obesity is very easy; just pay close attention to your eating habits!

One of the things you should avoid is eating in front of your TV. Again, eating while distracted by what's on a screen causes higher food intake, increasing the risk of obesity, especially in kids.

Also, eating in front of the TV lengthens your sitting time, slowing down your metabolic rate and causing the accumulation of fats in your waist region, a cardinal sign of obesity.

Instead of spending long hours staring at your TV and chewing your food slowly, eat first, then watch TV.

Remember, health is wealth. 

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