Here comes the biggest revolution in food storage after the refrigerator, it is called Edipeel and it allows significant savings on the electricity bill.

To preserve food, especially fruit and vegetables, we all use the refrigerator. What would you do if there was an alternative to refrigeration? Edipeel is an innovative product, made by Apeel Sciences in Santa Barbara, which forms a microclimate around each food in such a way as to preserve food longer without the need to use the refrigerator and especially without consuming electricity.

What is it

Food is a primary good for humanity. Every day more than 10 billion people in the world have to feed themselves. Consumption of fresh food is constant. It is from these considerations that the CEO and founder of Apeel Sciences, James Rogers, started when he conceived Edipeel, an innovative product capable of creating around the food an invisible layer of edible vegetable material that naturally slows down the loss of water and oxidation, the main factors that cause loss of quality and deterioration. Rogers has in fact identified in the loss of water and oxidation the cause of the rotting of fruits and vegetables: "As a materials scientist, this immediately sounded like an alarm bell on how people solve the same problem with the steel… In fact, steel is highly perishable, it rusts, metallurgists have solved this problem by creating stainless steel, and the way they did it was by adding more elements, such as chrome or nickel".

How does it work

Edipeel is composed of vegetable extracts, which are found in the peels and seeds of all fruits and vegetables. Once the product has been washed well on the surface, applying Edipeel creates a sort of edible external "peel" that protects food and preserves it longer, without the need for a refrigerator. Edipeel keeps oxygen and water away from food. The product resulting from edible vegetable extracts is a powder that mixes with water and spray on the surface of the food and becomes a thin patina, capable of creating a microclimate for each food. "The result is that food can last two, three, four times more, even without refrigeration," said Rogers.

The application

Of easy availability and production, because it uses vegetable extracts from any fruit or vegetable, Edipeel saves not only food for longer but it also save on electricity bills. The refrigerator could become a distant memory, the future is Edipeel. "As soon as you see how it works, you know that this will be a revolution for the world, and seeing that it works, even on a small scale, you will think: ‘This is the future'", explains Apeel Science. "We use our natural plant-based technologies to protect crops, helping to eliminate food spoilage and reducing dependence on chemicals. Completing our mission is to waste less food, water and energy, helping to preserve our natural ecosystems by creating economic opportunities for millions of small family farms all over the world".