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Experts Say Eating Kiwi Skin Is Very Beneficial To Your Health. Here’s Why

The kiwi has a strangely textured skin that is hairy and yet very pliable. While this is a reasonable reason to peel it, as many people do, experts say that the kiwi skin is packed full of nutrients, just like its subtly tart and sweet flesh. Scientists, however, advise that there are a few people that should avoid the kiwi fruit.

By Cookist

One of the most commonly asked questions about the kiwi fruit is if its hairy skin is safe for consumption. Because many are not sure about this, the kiwi skin is often peeled off.

According to science, YES, you can eat the kiwi skin. Although it is fuzzy and may seem weird by many standards, the kiwi skin is very nutritious and so can benefit your health in many ways.

1. Folate


Folate is a nutrient that is essential for cell growth and division. It is especially highly recommended for pregnant women as it can help prevent neural tube defects.

2. Fiber


Fiber will help you digest better because they feed the good bacteria in your gut. Diets that boast of a significant fiber content have also been known to help the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

3. Vitamin E


This vitamin has strong antioxidant properties, so it helps keep your cells healthy by preventing free radicals' damage.

Overall, eating a kiwi without peeling its skin will provide you with a higher dosage of all its contents. The fiber you'd obtain increases by 50%, the folate by 32%, and the vitamin E concentration by 34%.

And that is not even the end of the benefits of eating the kiwi skin.

Most of the antioxidants contained in the kiwi are in its skin!

Experts report that the skin of a kiwi contains a higher dosage of antioxidants than its flesh. It provides mainly two antioxidants: the water-soluble vitamin C and the fat-soluble vitamin E.

These vitamins are deemed important because they are known to help prevent oxidative damage in the body by fighting free radicals that cause it.

Combined with the fact that kiwi flesh is full of many nutrients itself, the kiwi can be awarded the label of one of the most beneficial fruits ever!

Why Some People Shouldn't Eat Kiwis

On a final note, it is important to stress that the kiwi fruit may not be good for everyone. Although it is indeed packed with a lot of health benefits, there is no ignoring the alert by experts that people with kiwi allergies, oral allergy syndrome, latex food allergies, or a history of kidney stones should avoid eating kiwis and the skin.

Such persons may be able to tolerate cooked kiwis better since the cooking process alters the fruit's protein activity. However, if even that isn't possible, some many other fruits and veggies are just as nutritious!

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