Who on earth does not love a heaped tablespoon of deliciously smooth and rich peanut butter? A fresh slice of bread smothered in our favorite kind of peanut butter is what makes us happy in the majority of the mornings. Even though peanut butter is part of our daily diet, there are still some really fascinating facts that we are sure you must be surprised to know about your favorite breakfast spread!

The PB and J or peanut butter and jelly sandwich are practically what majority of the western world wakes up to! Enjoyed by children and adults alike, this classic American invention is something that fills your belly and makes your taste buds go dancing like nothing else can.

Here is a list of really interesting facts associated with your favorite peanut butter that we are sure will surprise you.

  • It is not George Washington Carver who should be credited for the invention of peanut butter, even though he did coin a fairly large number of uses of peanut. Historians believe that it is, in fact, the Indians from the South American region that have first created the peanut paste. In the year 1895, it is Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (the famous cereal company initiator) who patented the peanut butter making process from the steamed peanuts. It is also known that in the year 1904, at the St. Louis World’s Fair C.H. Summer introduced the world famous peanut butter.
  • In 1901, Julia Chandler Davis mentioned in a recipe about the holy matrimony of peanut butter with jelly in the Boston Cooking School magazine. In the early 1900’s, peanut butter was a delicacy of the elite and as its price lowered due to commercialization it became affordable for everyone. In 1928 upon the invention of sliced bread, PB n J became a huge hit, particularly amongst kids.
  • The third US president Thomas Jefferson used to grow peanuts and other vegetables. That’s not it, before becoming the US president, Jimmy Carter was also a peanut farmer.
  • It has been mentioned by The Southern Peanut Growers Association that Americas prefer smooth over crunchy peanut butter. National Peanut Board states that men have a higher preference for crunchy while women and kids prefer the smooth type. It further states that the West Coast prefers crunchy and the East Coast creamy peanut butter.
  • In 1922, the smooth peanut butter was invented by Joseph Rosefield who later started a company known as Skippy. Rosefield also invented the crunchy kind in 1932 by adding tiny bits of peanuts to the smooth peanut butter.