False myths about microwave oven cooking: all the fake news to dispel about this appliance

Whether it's for cooking, heating or defrosting, everyone happens to use the microwave oven, a household appliance that is now a must in our kitchens. Is cooking in the microwave oven bad for our health? Do foods change flavor and lose nutritional properties? These are just some of the myths to dispel. Let's see them all.

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The microwave oven is an increasingly well-known and appreciated appliance that, over the years, has managed to change the way we approach the kitchen. Incredibly fast, excellent for cooking, heating or defrosting, the microwave oven, unlike the traditional oven, does not work by radiation or conduction, but by "magnetic fields" produced by microwaves capable of acting on the particles of water contained in food.

There are many mysteries and false myths that have always accompanied cooking with the microwave oven; there are those who say that you modify the food, those who fear that the waves can move in the kitchen space and those who wonder if harmful radiation is produced during cooking. Truth or legend? Let's find out together.

1. Do microwave ovens alter food?


This is perhaps the biggest doubt – certainly the most common – and the answer is simply no, the microwave oven does not alter foods, does not make them radioactive in any way and does not impoverish them from a nutritional point of view. If anything, the opposite is true; in fact microwave cooking, as well as steaming, is one of the best ways to preserve the nutrients of food. Microwave cooking, in reality, does not differ much from boiling or steaming, because it takes place precisely through the overheating of the water particles present in food.

2. Do microwave ovens make food radioactive or carcinogenic?

Absolutely not, because in the microwave oven there are electromagnetic fields and not neutron fluxes. This means that waves act on the water present in food and the radiations produced are so "weak" that they cannot in any way affect or modify the cells of the food, making them carcinogenic. In short, do not worry, because cooking in the microwave oven will not genetically modify your peppers and will not turn them into a potato flan.

3. Does the microwave oven interfere with other appliances?


Here is another false myth; microwave ovens do not impact the operation of other appliances in any way. Until recently, there were rumors that the microwave oven interfered with wireless networks, but this too turned out to be fake news.

4. Are the microwaves coming out of the microwave oven?

They are small waves of energy, not ghosts and no, they do not come out of your oven to go undisturbed around the kitchen. When you open the microwave oven door, even if the cooking time has not finished, the waves simply stop and cannot "come out" of the oven in any way.

5. Can you use all types of containers in the microwave oven?


If you do not have suitable containers for cooking in microwave ovens (of those that we can easily find on the market) you can use glass, earthenware or ceramic containers. Never use aluminum or plastic containers that are not suitable for microwave oven use.

6. Can you use the microwave oven to defrost food?

Yes, but even in this case you must follow simple rules because if it is true that a microwave oven does not alter the nutritional values ​​of food, it is also true that the microwave oven is less effective in eliminating bacteria present in food. For example, once the product has been defrosted, you will have to consume it in a short time and not refreeze it for any reason. And if you want to learn how to correctly and safely defrost, you can take a look at our simple guide.

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