Fanta launches their newest flavor, the Piña Colada – and we love it!

The famous brand made the right choice with this new piña colada flavour. Only a few days old, the drink has gained fame, with many consumers taking to social media to express delight at the new product! According to the feedback, the taste of this drink is a replica of the fruity cocktail it is named after!

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It was only considered big talk when word of the famous soda company making plans to launch a pina colada flavour surfaced on the internet. With the recent launch of their newest product, it appears those weren't just rumours after all!

The new drink, the Pina Colada Fanta, is a fizzy mix of exotic flavours, the pineapple and coconut, much like the average pina Colada cocktail. However, the great extent to which the soda tastes like the exotic cocktail has taken many by surprise.

This new creation has indeed created a myriad of opportunities for lovers of exotic flavours. Are you making a pina colada from scratch within the confines of your home? Try adding a dash of this Fanta product to add a light fizziness!

You can also get very creative with your pastry recipes; there is seemingly no end to it – a dash of this in your favourite pie surely won't hurt!

If you are excited by news of this product as much as we are, get it right away! It has been made available in popular stores like Wal-Mart, Target and Dollar General.


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