September is fast coming to an end, and that signals the start of the festive season. What better way to celebrate the season than with hearty meals and quaint pastries?

The Gingerbread Oreos only recently gained attention on Instagram thanks to @DnCSnacsterz, but they are quickly becoming the ideal treat of the pre-festive season.

According to the Instagram post, the Gingerbread Oreos are not new on the market, making available at particular Walgreens locations.

As the name suggests, the cookies boast of the original Gingerbread flavor, and a creme imbued with sugar crystals. They also come in five stunning designs, making them a perfect fit for festivities.

The unique cookies hint that the Gingerbread Oreo may just be the trendy pastry of the holiday season. The last time that Nabisco's oreo went gingerbread, it couldn't fully be labeled "gingerbread" because the creme was the only gingerbread component.

With the cookie bearing the gingerbread flavor, every bite affords you a delicious explosion of the unique flavors making sure the pastry is not one you'd be forgetting soon.

The Gingerbread Oreos have fast become trendy, proving that they are not just sweet treats but a creative reminder that there's so much more to look forward to even amidst these troubled times.

So far, the Gingerbread Oreos have only been sighted at particular Walgreens locations in Staten Island, but with how well-received they are, they are sure to become more widespread in the coming months.

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