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Flower That Tastes Like Oysters May Be A Revolutionaire For Vegetarians

The Mertensia Maritima is a fast gaining attention plant because it embodies an unusual and yet fantastic feature, its taste. Although this beautiful flower looks nothing like it, it tastes precisely like oysters making it one of the ultimate trickeries ever played by nature. We can't help but think that this plant may mean a revolutionary change in enjoying seafood for the non-meat eating community.

By Cookist

Experts argue that the best way to enjoy the first pleasurable taste of the Mertensia Maritima is by eating it in a simple dish or even better, raw and just one of its leaves.

The flowers are blue and bell-shaped, making it even harder to believe that they are anything more than ordinary flowers!

However, when they are eaten bare of spices or the barest minimum possible, you will indeed enjoy the fresh salty and metallic taste of the sea common to oysters – an absolute wonder you'd say!

At first taste, you may even argue that the plant was cooked alongside oyster. Still, unlike many other meal concoctions prepared to replicate the taste of some natural foods, the Mertensia Maritima grows naturally.

While it can be adapted to make any meal like most other vegetables, the Mertensia Maritima remains obscure in the food industry. This may be due to its lesser-known roots in rocky Northern coasts in Scotland, Canada, and Scandinavia.


This may also be attributed to the fact that growing the Mertensia Maritima requires delicate care. The "oyster leaf," as it is commonly called, is accustomed to the Northern Hemisphere, such harsh conditions like heat waves and frosts may lengthen its growth period or kill it.

Despite its rarity, however, the existence of this plant is gradually growing to become common knowledge in the food industry.

Are you interested in enjoying one of these for yourself, or would you like to adapt it to your vegetarian meal plans? You can order the seeds online!

In the United States, you can buy a packet of seeds for just a little under $5, so you can enjoy the unique taste and gorgeous sight of this plant in your home!

All you have to do is pay special attention to it and, most importantly, grow a few seeds to avoid overcrowding or stunting its growth.

Would you eat the Mertensia Maritima?

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