Fluffy naan: how to make a sweet version

Total time: 5 min prep / 90 min rising / 5 min cook
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 6 people
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If you love the classic, savory flavors of naan bread, then get ready to be delighted by its sweet version. Sweet naan bread is a fluffy and indulgent treat that takes the traditional yeast naan bread to a whole new level. Imagine sinking your teeth into a warm piece of naan that is filled with rich hazelnut cream and a dusting of powdered sugar. The combination of fluffy bread and a creamy, sweet filling makes this an irresistible choice for dessert or a delightful snack. Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with this delicious and unique twist on a beloved classic.


For added crunch, sprinkle extra hazelnuts or almonds on top before serving.

Want to make mini Fluffy Naan Breads? Make smaller ones by dividing the dough into 12 pieces (instead of 6). Cook for a shorter time.

The yeast gives the naan its characteristic flavor. But if you don’t have yeast, you can use 1 tsp baking powder.

The dough should be smooth and not sticky. If you find that it is still too sticky, you’ll have to continue to knead it.

Use full-fat Greek yogurt for the best results.

A heavy-bottomed pan (like cast iron) will work best for this recipe as it retains heat well. This is necessary for the naan to be cooked thoroughly.

The thickness of the naan determines the texture! Thinner naan breads will be crispier, while thicker ones will be slightly chewier and fluffier.


How to Store Fluffy Naan

Store the unfilled fluffy naan bread in an airtight container, at room temperature, for up to 3 days. You can also store the uncooked dough in the fridge for about 3 days. Alternatively, the dough balls can be frozen for up to 3 months. Just make sure to wrap them tightly with plastic wrap.

Filled naan can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Can You Freeze Fluffy Naan

The dough balls can be frozen for up to 3 months.

You can also freeze cooked naan. Allow the naan to cool completely, then transfer them to resealable Ziploc bags or an airtight container, and store in the freezer for up to 2 months.

When you want to serve the Fluffy Naan Breads, allow them to thaw and reheat in the microwave. Top with the filling before serving.

What To Serve With Fluffy Naan

Instead of hazelnut cream, you can also top the fluffy naan with caramel spread, Biscoff cookie spread, or even custard.

Serve the filled fluffy naan with ice cream or freshly whipped cream.

All-purpose flour
500g (4 cups)
220g (1 cup)
fresh yeast
2g (½ tbsp)
Lukewarm milk
120ml (½ cup)
8g (½ tbsp)
15g (1 tbsp)
hazelnut cream and powdered sugar


In a large mixing bowl, whisk flour and salt.

Make a well in the center of the dry mixture and pour in yogurt and warm milk.

Add sugar and fresh yeast.

Mix well, then knead the dough for 10 minutes until smooth and elastic.

Form the dough into a ball, then set aside for 1 hour.

Cut the dough into 6 pieces and roll each into a ball.

Cover and set aside for 30 minutes.

Flatten each ball with a rolling pin.

Place the flattened dough into a very hot skillet.

Cook until bubbles start to appear on the surface, then flip and cook for 1-2 minutes more.

Serve topped with hazelnut cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar.


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