With the change of season, many of us struggle to de-tan and rejuvenate the skin by pampering it more than usual. While many of us start to frequent the neighborhood spas and salons, there are still others who google for some effective skin treatments. Read on to know how some of the basic kitchen supplies can treat you better than any many of the beauty products.

Regular consumption of ever so healthy fruit and vegetable not only piles up the essential vitamins and minerals in our system, for it to run efficiently but also keeps our skin healthy and supple. Below is a list of the choicest produce of nature that will certainly benefit your body and may help you look beautiful and radiant as well.

  • Avocado. For centuries avocados have been used to impart a natural glow. You may either eat these fresh fruits every day or apply the fruit pulp on your face as a mask to benefit your skin from the essential fatty acids that are present in huge quantities in avocados. The sterolins present in avocado helps to keep your skin supple, smooth and reduces the damage caused by aging and solar radiations.
  • Brussels sprouts. Though these vegetables are not eaten with great enthusiasm by a majority of the population, the health benefits of regular consumption of Brussels sprouts should excite you to munch them at the earliest. According to an animal study, indole-3-carbinol present in Brussels sprout helps to decrease body weight, fat accumulation, and improve glucose tolerance. So, you may look forward to naturally losing weight while munching on to these cabbage miniatures.
  • Bell peppers. Bell peppers are used worldwide in many different forms. These sweet peppers are available in many different color varieties and contain more quantity of vitamin C than the citrus fruit, orange. In fact, the vitamin C content of bell pepper is as high as nearly 5.5 times to that of orange. Presence of vitamin C is requisite for collagen production that imparts elasticity and strength to the skin. This water soluble vitamin is also helpful to make your skin smooth, firm, delays aging, and fades away any dark spot of the skin.
  • Beets. Beets are a root vegetable that helps to detox your system as it contains anthocyanin compounds that help to reduce the formation of wrinkle and deter hyper pigmentation of the skin. Beetroot is also helpful to stimulate the lymphatic system of our body that helps to remove waste from the cells, thereby reducing dullness of skin. Beetroot is also helpful to impart a glow to your face as it increases the oxygen carrying ability of blood, which results in the brightening of skin. In some cases, this vegetable has also been reported to reduce cellulite formation by strengthening the dermal layer of skin.