Everyone loves to look youthful and healthy forever. People spend big bucks on keeping their face wrinkle free and prevent the skin from sagging. Here is a list of some of the highly nutritious gems offered by nature that can let you live a healthy, happy life with a great possibility of extended youth.

We all wish to live a long life that is free from all sorts of illnesses. Even though this wish seems to be a far fetched dream, you may still achieve a healthy life by regular consumption of these few fruits and vegetables. It is best to consume fruits and vegetables mentioned in the article in the freshest form, ideally from the farm, to attain the state of prolonged youth and delay aging.

  • The root vegetables. Root vegetables such as beetroot and carrots are packed with antioxidants that may significantly delay aging. Betalin pigments present in beetroot supports the detoxification process in the body. Both these root vegetables are a good source of dietary fiber and beetroot is also a great source of iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C.
  • The green leafy vegetables. The green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach, if consumed in fresh form, are highly beneficial to your health. Both these leafy vegetables are a rich source of lutein that helps to prevent macular degeneration and protects the eyes against harmful ultra violet radiations. Spinach is loaded with flavonoids that are positively linked to safeguarding the body against several types of cancers. Similarly, kale has glucosinolates that are also beneficial against many deadly forms of cancer.
  • The berries. Berries such as blueberries and raspberries are a powerhouse of anti aging nutrients. Blue berries offer protection against various diseases such as cardiovascular problems, prevents cancer, and improves cognitive skills. These berries also have high concentrations of anthocyanins, which make blueberries a protective food group for the entire body. The ellagic acid present in raspberries is useful to control inflammation in chronic disease and vitamin C content of both types of berries is beneficial to smoothen your skin complexion.
  • Dark chocolate. Chocolates with more than 70% of cacao content or dark chocolates are loaded with health beneficial antioxidant compounds that maintain your brain health and heart health. Dark chocolate also promotes the production of endorphins that gives us the feeling of being in love and contentment. Though these chocolates are highly addictive, it is best to consume them in limited quantities.