Oil pulling, dry brushing, lemon and probiotics: what do they have in common? They are all natural methods to take care of you, your body and your beauty. Here are 6 easy remedies that will make you more beautiful and that will help you cleanse your body.

Benefits and Natural Remedies

When you think of methods for taking care of yourself, your health and your beauty, you often think of the time needed for the treatments and also the economic expenditure. From today you will no longer have to worry about time or expenditure: here are 6 completely natural and easy to perform at home methods to get a perfect skin, a healthy body and get rid of toxins.

Oil pulling: an ancient ayurvedic practice is to start the day with a thorough cleaning of the mouth, to be done through the oil. This method in fact allows to eliminate bacteria and to bring different benefits to the mouth and the oral cavity. For  have a fresher breath and strengthen teeth and gums, you will need just a tablespoon of coconut oil to keep in the mouth for 10 minutes to remove toxins and microorganisms that have accumulated during the night.

Drink water and lemon: this fruit has many benefits, especially if drunk in the morning in a large glass of lukewarm water before breakfast. It will help you to manage water retention, activate the metabolism and purify your body.

Dry brushing: the technique of "dry" exfoliation or using only a brush in natural bristles without the addition of any product, can be very useful to take care of your skin. Start from the feet and massage your legs up to the buttocks with circular movements: the rubbing will help to eliminate dead cells, making your skin softer and brighter and at the same time fighting cellulite.

Apple cider vinegar: an excellent natural remedy to take care of yourself. This ingredient is in fact used both internally and externally. If you use it on the skin you will get a brighter and firmer complexion, while if you use it for a rinse after the shampoo it will make your hair radiant. Experts recommend consuming one spoon a day to improve digestion and to activate the metabolism, thus losing weight more easily.

Vitamin D: it is one of the most important vitamins for our body. It promotes the immune system, it prevents insomnia and chronic fatigue but it also strengthens the bones protecting them from fractures and prevents dental caries. According to some studies, vitamin D insufficiency could even cause weight gain.

Probiotics: Many people think that they take enough of them by eating yogurt occasionally, but that's not the case. Probiotics are very important for regulating intestinal activity, fighting cholesterol, improving mood and at the same time making the skin brighter. For this reason it is important to consume foods such as milk and derivatives.