• for the chocolate coating
  • milk chocolate, melted and tempered 800 g
  • for the caramel
  • Glucose syrup 250 ml
  • double cream 250 ml
  • caster sugar 320 g
  • Whole Milk 125 ml
  • for the nougat
  • Egg whites 2
  • Glucose syrup 65 ml
  • Vanilla 1 tsp
  • for the sugar syrup
  • caster sugar 435 g
  • Water 200 ml
  • Glucose syrup 380 ml
  • cocoa powder, sifted

What’s better than a miniature store-bought Mars Bar? A homemade Giant Mars Bar, of course! If you love chocolate (and lots of it) then don’t miss this easy copycat recipe for making giant Mars bars at home. They’re full of sweet, gooey chocolate deliciousness.

To make the caramel, you will need glucose syrup, double cream, sugar, and milk. This mixture is cooked until thick and rich. The nougat filling is made with whipped egg whites, glucose syrup, and vanilla. One of the sweetest and most beloved chocolates in the world. While the size is big enough to share, you’ll want this bar all to yourself!


This Giant Mars Bar is not vegan, but you can make it vegan by using a mixture of coconut flour, cocoa powder, almond butter, and maple syrup for the nougat filling. Remember to also use vegan chocolate and coconut milk where necessary.

This Giant Mars Bar is gluten-free!

How To Store Giant Mars Bar

Store the bar in an airtight container at room temperature (or the fridge) for up to one week.

How To Make Giant Mars Bar

Prepare a mold, silicone, or metal. If using a metal mold, line it with plastic wrap and cover the edges of the mold with acetate film.

Place the 300g milk chocolate in your double boiler set up.

Stir until it’s completely melted.

Pour the chocolate into the mold, making sure it covers each side as it acts as a coating. Place in the fridge to cool.

Prepare the caramel. Combine the ingredients, and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Once the sugar is dissolved stop stirring but continue to heat until the mixture reaches 115°C.

Pour the prepared caramel over the chocolate and return the mold to cooling.

To make the nougat layer combine egg whites, 65g glucose syrup, and vanilla in a bowl of a stand mixer. Prepare sugar syrup. Water, 435g glucose syrup, and malt powder into a saucepan and heat. Stir until the sugar is dissolved, then add a sugar thermometer. Once it reaches 115°C, turn the beaters to high to whisk the egg white mixture. When the sugar reaches 126°C remove from the heat and pour in a thin steady stream into the whites with the mixers still running on high.

Once the mixture thickens turn the mixers down and add the cocoa powder. Turn off the mixers and pour the nougat over the caramel. Spread out with a spatula to flatten. Place the bar into the fridge to set.

Melt and temper 250g milk chocolate and when the nougat has a set, pour over the bar to create the base of the bar. Place back in the fridge to cool the chocolate. When ready to use, remove the bar from the removed silicone mold and set it over a rack placed over a baking tray.

Melt and temper the remaining chocolate and pour over the top of the bar.

Use a stick to create markings on the top of the bar and set them aside to cool.


If you want to make it less sweet, use dark chocolate for the glaze, and Dutch-processed cocoa powder.