Ginger and garlic: the benefits and the recipe for the infusion that is good for the body

The combination of garlic and ginger can become an effective and beneficial medicine making us experience the following benefits:

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Ginger and raw garlic are two natural remedies that we now know quite well and that are useful in many situations. Mixing together these two natural ingredients that we should always have in the refrigerator or in the pantry can increase their potential. The combination of garlic and ginger can become an effective and beneficial medicine making us experience the following benefits:

It improves digestion: ginger is useful for the digestive tract and it also helps to control the level of sugars that can put a strain on its functionality. Garlic, on the other hand, is particularly useful in case of swelling and irritation of the stomach.


It fluidifies the blood: both ginger and garlic can help reduce blood clotting. Ginger has been shown to lower the production of thromboxane, a molecule that stimulates blood clotting, by 60%. Garlic instead induces vasodilation, consequently reducing blood pressure.

Against diarrhea: both garlic and ginger can help overcome the annoying symptoms of diarrhea. Ginger helps eliminate intestinal gas and spasms while garlic is able to counteract the harmful bacteria in the intestine.


For the respiratory system: both ginger and garlic are known for their antibacterial abilities and the ability to alleviate nasal congestion by helping to soothe even sore throats. It is no coincidence that they are natural remedies often recommended in the treatment of flu and colds.

It strengthens the immune system: the combination of ginger and garlic, in particular taken during autumn-winter, is a great way to strengthen the immune system and prevent seasonal ailments.


Nausea: ginger and garlic can help relieve nausea, even during pregnancy.

Effects on blood glucose: ginger helps reduce blood sugar levels and even garlic can help control blood sugar as it acts on insulin.


Sexual activity: ginger and garlic improve blood circulation, which can be useful for men and their sexual power. Ginger is also considered a natural aphrodisiac remedy that increases sexual desire, the same can be said of garlic in the past used to improve libido and treat impotence.

Preventing cancer: these two ingredients are powerful anticarcinogens, especially towards some types of cancer. Consuming them regularly, along with all the other good rules for prevention, exposes us to a lower risk of getting sick.


Against headaches: ginger reduces the severity and symptoms of headache by blocking prostaglandins (the chemicals that can induce inflammation in the cerebral blood vessels).

Now let's see some natural recipes in which to combine ginger and garlic.

Infusion of ginger and garlic


An infusion based on ginger and garlic is excellent in all the situations listed above. It can be sweetened with honey and enriched with freshly squeezed lemon juice.


Water (4 cups)

Fresh ginger (about 5 cm)

Garlic (a clove)

2 tablespoons of honey (optional)

Lemon juice as much as it is needed


Peel the ginger and cut it into thin slices, then take the garlic clove and cut it in two parts lengthwise. Put ginger and garlic together with the water in a saucepan and boil over low heat for about 15-20 minutes. After this time, strain and add honey (if necessary).

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