Got too many dishwasher tablets? Here are 7 unique ways to use them

Dishwasher tablets are a part of everyday life, but it is highly likely that you are unaware of the various creative ways they can be used – aside from the obvious. These creative ways seem almost limitless. From cleaning outdoor furniture to leaving the water closet sparkling clean, these tabs can do it all! With these genius findings, you also never have to fear that these tablets will go to waste when bought in excess.

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Dishwasher tablets contain chemicals that soften hard water, bleaches that help tackle tough stains, enzymes that quickly dissolve starch and protein-based foods, and finally, surfactants that give your glasses that sparkling look after a wash.

These constituents make it no wonder that there are numerous ways to use these tablets other than for merely cleaning dishes! Read on for seven unique uses you could have never imagined!

7 ways to use dishwasher tablets

1.Remove colored stains from white apparels


As mentioned above, a dishwasher tablet contains bleaches that Schmidt found caused it to work effectively to remove stains, thus leaving her white clothes looking brilliant. Just put one tablet inside the washer, and you're good to go.

2. Clean outdoor furniture


This is a nearly unbelievable finding. Who'd have thought that these small tabs can be strong enough to clean off dried dirt over outdoor furniture!? Well, they do, and this is quite easy to do, too; dissolve one tab in heated water and clean as you would typically do.

3. Clean ovens


You can use a dishwasher tablet to rid your oven of caked-on food residues. Soak the floor with warm water for 10 minutes then rub a tablet all over it. You may increase the number of tablets used as well as the soaking time when there are hard-to-remove stains.

4. Remove coloring pencil and crayon marks from walls and upholstery


Are you bothered by your children incessantly staining the walls and home upholstery with pencil and crayons? Well, here's a simple solution for you – dissolve dishwasher tablets in water to clean them off.

5. Polish metal


Schmitt also found that polishing metal cutlery, as well as metal kitchen sink, using dishwasher tabs dissolved in water, leaves impressive results.

6. Can clean your washing machine drum


This tip will leave your washing machine looking good as new and also stop microbial growth. All it requires is that you drop two dishwasher tabs in the machine then running it on high heat.

7. Clean the toilet


You don't have to put up with a dull-looking or smelly toilet ever again with this tip. Before you start your routine toilet cleaning, drop a dishwasher tab inside it. This softens the dirt, makes scrubbing a lot easier, and leaves the toilet sparkling clean. 

There are a few more other uses for dishwasher tablets, with these seven being the most eye-catching. They prove that there's really no disadvantage to using these tabs.

While it may take time for the tabs to dissolve, there is no denying that these products might become your secret remedy to ridding your home of nearly all tough stains!

Precautionary Tip: Protect your hands with waterproof gloves before doing any of the above.

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