When we do not manage to sleep well, because we feel agitated or we are experiencing a period of stress that compromises our rest, we can resort to relaxing herbal teas to prepare at home that are good to encourage a peaceful sleep.

Everyone can experience moments of stress related to personal problems, or work, that create a state of anxiety that, in addition to compromising our day, makes it difficult to fall asleep in the evening causing, in some cases, problems of insomnia. It is in these moments that, to promote the right rest, we can resort to relaxing herbal teas. In addition to chamomile, with recognized calming properties, there are other herbs suitable to facilitate sleep, and to allay anxiety and stress: lemon balm, hawthorn, valerian, each herb performs a specific function, but all allow us to rest well to face the day in right way. Let's see how to prepare some excellent herbal teas to promote peaceful sleeping and find the right relaxation.

Which are the herbal teas to sleep well?

When we decide to prepare ourselves a herbal tea that promotes relaxation before going to bed, we can go to herbal medicine shops and let us recommend the right herb, which will be in leaves or dried flowers depending on the chosen remedy. For the preparation, just put two teaspoons of dried leaves or flowers in boiling water, leave to infuse 2 or 3 minutes, filter and drink hot before going to bed. You can also drink 2 or 3 cups a day, during periods of greatest stress, limiting consumption only to a few days. Always ask for advice from the doctor if you intend to prolong the consumption and, above all, medical advice is very important if you are taking any medication. But let's see specifically which are the most relaxing herbs and their specific functions.

Valerian: it is among the most suitable herbs to relax the nervous system, its calming action is among the most effective. Valerian is an excellent sedative even in case of insomnia.

Hawthorn: this type of herb is very good for preparing an herbal tea when you are facing a period of stress which leads to anxiety attacks and sleeping difficulty.

Mallow: it is ideal when anxiety leads us to suffer from stomach pains that make it difficult even to fall asleep in the evening. The mallow, in fact, manages to relax the walls of the intestine, promoting relaxation.

Passionflower: it has a very strong calming power, especially useful when we let ourselves be overwhelmed by the anguish that prevents us from resting, because it manages to sedate the central nervous system.

Lemon balm: it is among the most suitable herbs when stress affects the stomach, because it has the ability to calm the pain also favoring digestion. So it is great, after dinner, to prepare an herbal tea for the stomach wellbeing and to promote the right rest.

Chamomile: dried chamomile flowers are among the most used dried flowers both to promote rest and also to calm belly and stomach pains. Chamomile has so many relaxing properties to take advantage of by drinking it alone or combined with other herbs to be even more effective especially in case of stress.

Herbal teas to sleep: do-it-yourself recipes

Each herb individually has its beneficial effect, but we can combine different herbs together to enhance the effect, with the right dose that will allow us to prepare an excellent herbal tea to promote the right rest.

Herbal tea against insomnia

To prepare this herbal tea you will need: 40 grams of valerian, 20 grams of hop, 15 grams of lemon balm and 15 grams of mint. Thanks to the presence of hop it is very good, as well as to combat insomnia, even for those suffering from digestive problems caused by nervousness. Combine all the herbs together and pour over the boiling water, in the equivalent of a cup (200 or 250 ml), let it infuse for 2 minutes, filter and drink it hot before going to bed.

Relaxing anti-stress herbal tea

An useful herbal tea to fight anxiety due to stress to prepare with 5 grams of dried chamomile flowers and 5 grams of dried linden flowers. This is excellent for promoting sleep and relaxing the nerves. Pour 100 ml of boiling water on the dried flowers, leaving to infuse for 3 minutes, filter and drink hot, at most with the addition of a little honey.


Herbal tea to fight anxiety

This recipe is very good when anxious states do not allow us to rest well, so combine in equal parts chamomile, hawthorn, lemon balm and mallow. In total, the herbs must be two teaspoons. Pour over the boiling water and leave to infuse for 2 minutes. Filter and drink hot.