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Here Are Four Foods That Help Rid The Body Of Lactic Buildup

Lactic acid is most commonly believed to build up in the muscles of athletes, causing them immense pain. While this is true, be aware that non-athletes can also suffer this. When you perform high impact exercises or that which your body is not accustomed to, this may happen. There are numerous ways to tackle this and one of the most important is through diet modification.

By Cookist

When you perform high impact exercises like running, swimming, jogging, etc., the oxygen you take in while breathing becomes inadequate. This causes the body to break down glucose into lactate, an acidic substance that allows you to continue the exercise despite the oxygen shortage.

The quick remedy for this pain caused by lactic build-up is stopping the exercise, getting enough air, and letting your muscles rest. However, if you desire to continue such activities in the future, you may want to consider including the following in your diet.

1. Magnesium-Rich Foods


Magnesium is found abundant in the body; it performs many functions. This includes its use in the production of proteins, proper functioning of nerves, as well as the heart and skeletal muscles.

As regards the subject of lactic buildup in muscles, magnesium helps to dissipate the acid, thus quickening recovery. Thankfully, the list of magnesium-rich foods is unending.

It includes nuts and seeds, legumes, leafy greens, salmon, mackerel – practically any seafood!

2. The New Zealand Sujon Black Currant


This fruit is a Berry that is reported to have "the world's highest concentration of antioxidants and flavonoids."

Even more importantly, it has become highly recommended for consumption by athletes because of the many effects it has on the cardiovascular system.

In 2014, researchers discovered that when athletes consumed the Sujon black currant powder, it helped reduce lactic acid buildup in their legs and quickened the dissipation of the pain-inducing byproduct.

You can purchase the Sujon black currant online or in grocery stores. They are also available in the form of supplements; it is, however, vital that you inform your doctor before commencing use.

3. Dietary Bicarbonate


Including bicarbonate, which is alkaline, in your diet can be a preventive measure if you are an athlete, or you frequently experience the burning pain that comes with lactic buildup in your muscles.

Bicarbonate became such a positive recommendation after another 2014 study found that when a high quantity of bicarbonate is in muscles, lactic acid was removed faster than usual. The athletes were also able to perform better despite doing high impact exercises.

Get this by consuming foods like leafy veggies, tomatoes, bananas. Baking soda also works!

4. Water


It is a common saying that staying hydrated at all times helps your body function better. That also applies to lactic buildup, which tends to leave people with crippling pain after over-exertion.

Drinking enough water or other water-based fluids helps to decrease your risk of developing this acid buildup thus enhancing your performance.

Note: If you find that the pain remains intense and persists even long after exercise, conservative methods like modifying your diet may not be the first option for you. See your doctor ASAP.

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