How to strengthen your teeth? The first step is to avoid certain foods. What are the foods that can ruin your teeth? Here is a brief overview:

● sugary, carbonated and artificially colored drinks
● various candies and jams
● industrial biscuits and snacks
● juices, vinegar, wine, grapes and citrus fruits for their demineralizing power
● sugar and honey used as sweeteners.
● all food products containing sugars such as glucose and fructose and starch (desserts and ice cream)

These foods are potentially dangerous for the health of the enamel if not properly removed. After consuming sweet foods it is important to wait 20/30 minutes before brushing your teeth because these types of food weaken the enamel and in the long run toothbrush can have an abrasive effect.
Besides being harmful, many foods also contribute to stain the enamel. It is therefore important to remember that a home oral hygiene is fundamental combined with professional scaling sessions and dental check-ups.

Here is the top 7 dangerous foods for your dental enamel

1. LEMON, LIME, ORANGES AND GRAPES: It is no surprise that citrus fruits have a high rate of citric acid. Foods with a low pH and strong acids are the number one cause of dental enamel erosion. However, if you cannot resist drinking orange juice in the morning, try to minimize the exposure of your teeth to acids, then drink it and do not sip it for long (it is preferable to use a straw, thus avoiding dental overexposure to acids) and then avoid acid or sugary foods for several hours. An important thing you need to know: if a food or drink stains your teeth, it means that it is acidic and therefore will harm your dental health.

2.PICKLED VEGETABLES: What happens when you mix vegetables and vinegar? If you thought about the worst nightmare for your teeth you were right!! Pickled vegetables are very tasty in a sandwich, but the super acid combination of vinegar and sugar is the perfect recipe for the erosion of dental enamel.

3.COFFEE: I'm sorry for coffee lovers. It's not so surprising that a cup in the morning (or three) put your dental health at risk. The tannic acids contained in coffee (even in tea) affect the tooth enamel and stain them.


4. RED WINE: Medical studies have confirmed that a glass of red wine at table is good for the heart and cholesterol level. Unfortunately, however, it is not good for our teeth. In fact, the acids contained in red or white wine wear down the dental surface making it weak and easily predisposed to stain. So one glass is fine, but do not exceed.


5. TOMATOES: Even the tomato, both raw and in the form of a sauce, contains many acids. The solution? Eat them inside a meal so as to have health benefits without ruining your teeth too much.

6. SUGARY CARBONATED DRINKS: We all know how good they are, but at the same time how harmful to health. They are an explosive concentrate of sugars and acids, excessive consumption is like signing the death sentence of your teeth!


7.CANDIES: Remember when your mother said that eating too many candies was bad? Well, she was right… Candies are full of sugar and they cause caries, moreover they remain in the interdental spaces giving rise to a proliferation of bacteria that will soon colonize the whole mouth!! Even worst than candies are the lollipops, since they remain in the mouth for a long time.