Read on to know what and why did the Duchess of Sussex penned down some notes and messages on the banana.

Ever since her pregnancy announcement, Megan Markel has been actively involved in various charitable work. One25, is one such charity that specializes in helping the women to break free from addiction, street sex work, and other such life-controlling issues.

While visiting this charity, the Duchess of Sussex, even packed lunches for the women who are a part of this organization. To add a personal touch to the whole activity, she thought of writing special and strong messages to support the women and empower them.

But, guess what, being the creative person that she is, Megan thought of penning down those special messages on the bananas, which were packed along the meal, instead of the routing paper or card.

This activity, which happened just a couple of weeks ago, had supportive messages for all the women who received these special food parcels with an aim to help empower them.

In fact, she borrowed this idea from one of her past experiences at the school lunch program in the United States. Anyhow, it was quite a sweet and special gesture from Megan to try and bring in some positivity in the daily lives of these women.

So the words of encouragement such as, you are strong, you are special, you are brave, you are loved, etc.  must have certainly left them with some happy memories!