What's better than giving yourself a little food pleasure at the end of your meal with a dessert? But although it is a real pleasure, exaggerating with sugars is not good for the body. Here's what happens to your organism when you stop eating sweet foods.

The maximum daily dose of sugar recommended by the World Health Organization is less than 10% of the total caloric intake, but this quantity is often exceeded in a worrying manner. If you are thinking of taking care of your body following a suga-free diet, you should know what this will do to your organism. So here's what happens to your organism when you stop eating sweet foods.

  • After twenty minutes – Eating desserts creates a sort of addiction and, once ingested a slice of cake, a candy or some chocolate, the organism wants more. After 20 minutes from the last bite, however, the brain begins to settle down and you stop taking sugars in a disproportionate way.
  • After one hour – When an hour has passed since the intake of sugars, you begin to feel the first effects on your organism. In particular, you feel more energetic, more productive and you do not want other sweet foods.
  • After one day – If you do not eat sugar for a day, it means that healthy foods like good fats, fibers and proteins have been added to your diet. Even if the temptation to eat a slice of cake is strong, the brain does not need it.
  • After three days – Sugar creates a real addiction and, as it happens with drugs, after three days the first signs of abstinence begin to appear. This "suffering" phase could last for about one week.
  • After one week – At the end of the seven days of "abstinence crisis", you will feel better. You will no longer have hunger pangs, you will feel more energetic, especially if you replace sugary foods with healthy and light products.
  • After one month – If you do not eat sweet foods for a month, the desire completely disappears from your organism. In fact, the organism has been purified and there is no need to consume sugar excessively.
  • After one year – A sugar-free diet helps you feel better, in fact it allows you to lose weight because the body will not have to burn more fats coming from sugar. Of course, there can be some exceptions to the rule, the important thing is not to exaggerate.