Every year tons of food are being thrown away by supermarkets, because the food expires before it is being sold. This project is based upon the recycling of such foods. The expired pieces of meat get decellularized upon a laboratory treatment. This means that they loses all their cellular content, turn white and feel rubbery. This recycled raw material can be shaped, dried and stretched.

You can create something amazing with raw meat.

Credits for this picture and the following pictures: http://ateliermonte.comin foto: Credits for this picture and the following pictures: http://ateliermonte.com

Tons of expired meat are being discarded by supermarkets.

An interesting procedure turns meat into something unique.

The procedure is currently being used in the latest research on tissue regeneration.

The meat turns white and gets the looks of marble.

Would you believe this was a piece of raw meat?

You can create beautiful flower vases.

They look SO amazing!

Look at these pendant lights! They're awesome.

 Their shape is inspired by Escherichia coli, a bacteria that lives in meat.

These lighting objects are so cool, aren't they?