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Here’s How To Save Money On Energy This Winter Using An Instant Pot

An instant pot has different settings that will allow it to draw out different amounts of energy, and this makes it very easy to determine how much it will cost you to use them. Knowing this means that you can save more money and prepare faster meals. In this article, we examine the intricacies of this, so be sure to read to the end.

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To pressure cook with a standard 6-quart instant pot model, you will need around 1,000 watts or roughly about one-third of the energy a big oven would utilize. In New York State, it costs 17 cents per hour to pressure cook.

A 6-quart instant pot can be bought for about $80, and it is a valid replacement for an oven when you wish to slow cook without racking uo huge energy bills. It is smaller and will consume less energy per hour, which could make a huge difference when it accumulates.

It is best to calculate the wattage used per hour to understand how much a pressure cooker will save you versus a big appliance like an oven. The 6-quart instant pot pressure cooker will pull a maximum voltage of 1000 watts and cost $0.17 per hour to use for slow cooking.

Electric ovens usually draw about 3000 watts depending on the temperature, which is three times the amount used by instant pots. Like an oven, you can also set the temperature you want in your instant pot to cook food.


To get the cost, find out your electricity rates, as they all vary by state. After finding the wattage of the instant pot, (check on the appliance's tag, the owner's manual, or an online product listing), multiply the number by how many hours you use the pot each day. Then divide by 1,000 watts (1 kilowatt) to find the kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity consumed.

After that, determine the average price per kWh of electricity where you live for the year, according to the US Energy Information Administration. To determine your operating cost per day, multiply that amount by the number you just calculated.


An instant pot can save you about $3, and if it keeps up for a year, it will save you a lot on your annual energy bill. Slow cooking once per week means that you can save up to $150 for the year.

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