Here’s The Best And Safest Way To Clean Your Knives

The knife is an important tool in the kitchen and without it, cooking can be a frustrating pastime. Knives are considered an essential part of every kitchen utensil collection but not everyone knows how to maintain it. Keep reading to be in the know.

By Cookist

Knives are one of the kitchen's most used stools which naturally makes them one of the most cleaned tools as well.

This would be a good thing under normal circumstances but Knives are only as good as their edges and cleaning can easily dull them if you are not careful.

To avoid this, it is important you know how to clean a knife and be conscious when doing it. Keep reading to find out what the best and safest way to clean a knife is.

Wash your knives by hand

This is the best way to clean high quality knives, not a dishwasher, just the plain old soap and water.  It is better to wash it or at least rinse it after use.  By doing that, food will not dry on the blade. Note that dried-on food is several times more difficult to clean.


Do it slowly and keep the blade pointed away!

While cleaning your knife, especially high quality ones, you need to do it slowly and carefully to avoid injury. Keep the blade pointed away from you or your fingers and use a sponge or dishcloth to clean the blade on both sides.

However, remember to wipe away from you so you’ll never get cut. You can also lay the knife flat on the countertop and wipe each side individually to be doubly safe.


Give them a quick soak

If there is some dried food on the blade, allow the knife to soak in shallow water for a minute or two instead of scrubbing away at the stubborn bit. It's easy to get injured that way so it's advisable to  soak the knife for more than a minute or so but not more to prevent rust or warping.

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