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Here’s The Ultimate Trick Pro Bakers Use To Cut Sponge Cake In Half

What's a sponge cake without a yummy jam filling? Many people assume that baking a sponge cake is tricky, but wait until you have to cut it in half to spread the jam and cream filling. Trying to get through the centre of the sponge cake requires great skill and precision. Often, uneven layers, lumps and bumps remain where they are not needed after cutting into half.

By Cookist

However, there's a simple tool that can solve the problem: a piece of kitchen string. This is possible because a piece of string is like a thin straight line that can be twisted, folded, or turned the way you want, and because of the material used to make a string, no matter how thin or tiny it is, it is firm and can cut through something soft like a sponge cake.

Using the string is simple; it just requires the perfect technique


To use the piece of string to cut through the sponge cake properly, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Start by slowly and  gently marking the centre of the sponge cake with a knife.
  • First of all, get a knife, a sharp one. Use the knife to create a cutting mark on the sponge cake.
  • To do this, place the cake to be cut in half on a turntable, pick the knife and put it at the centre of the side of the cake. Slowly and gently, with the knife placed steady, turn the cake little by little so the mark goes round.
  • Measure the piece of string around the cake to the correct length and make it long enough to easily cross the end of the twine.
  • Get the string and measure it up with the mark made from the knife, and enough to cross it and go around the second time. When you have done that, cut out the measured length, ‘cause that is what you would be using.
  • Put a string in the groove of the sponge with a notch, cross both ends and pull!
  • Place the measured piece of string on the mark made by the knife on the sponge cake, cross through and pass it around again.
  • Then, gently pull on the string so it cuts through the cake neatly and with precision.
  • When you have done this, pull out the piece of string from the cake and use a large knife to separate the two layers of sponge cake by carefully placing your hand on the top one and the large knife supporting it below. Place it on a cake stand.

Fill the lower layer of sponge cake 

Now that you've made a clean cut, separating the two layers of the sponge cake, get your fillers — jam, cream, and the like, and spread them on the lower layer. When you are done, gently lift the top cake, the same way you placed it down, place it on the fillings and gently take out the knife. And your jam or cream-filled sponge cake is ready to be eaten.

Cutting neatly through a sponge cake is not so hard, you just need to know the proper method you can do it, and here you have it. Enjoy!

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