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Here’s Why Chocolate Is The Traditional Treat For Valentine

Gifting chocolate on Valentine's is now a century old tradition and it is so meaningful that even the boxes of chocolate are treasured as a memory keepsake.

By Cookist

There are stories of people from the older generation, especially the war valerians, saving love letters from their beloved ones in boxes of chocolates they kept

away in attics or basements.

These keepsakes are usually unearthed by their descendants much later. Below are some reasons why chocolate is so closely linked to valentine.

1. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac


Chocolate has been considered aphrodisiac food since the time of the Aztecs. This is because it reportedly contains some substances that fan the flames of desire making one who consumes it more open to intimacy.

In times of old, this led to a tradition observed even by the European Royal family. They would give their beloved chocolates mixed with amber to stimulate romance.

Studies have shown that women who consume chocolates show more desire for romance as opposed to women who don't eat it. This is most likely because chocolate trigger a release of dopamine when consumed.

This natural high elevates moods and can easily be confused for love.

2. Chocolate is considered ‘food for gods’

Chocolate is made from cocoa which comes from the cocoa tree also known as ‘Theobroma cacao’ which in Greek means ‘food for the Gods’.

Given how it tastes, nobody would contest that. However in ancient Maya civilization, the cacao God was sacred, so the term had more of a spiritual and literal meaning.

The Aztecs would batter cacao beans for currency, food, and drink among the privileged.

3. Chocolate triggers an emotional effect within people


Many people would agree that chocolates have a considerable physiological and emotional effect on people. This is because it is a very potent mood enhancer. As such, gifting chocolate is not just a symbol of love, it could be used to express many other things like delight, desire, and remorse.

4. Chocolate, especially the dark one, does wonders for the health

Dark chocolate is the best kind for your health. The darker the better. This is because dark chocolate contains chemicals that greatly lower the risk of cancer and heart diseases.

Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and flavonoids that destroy free radicals in the body. Dark chocolates are also known to lower blood pressure and improve blood flow.

Even the skin benefits from it because bioactive compounds contained by Dark chocolates increase the skin density and hydration.

5. Chocolate is simply lovable


Almost everyone enjoys chocolates. Consuming one makes you feel great. However, it is not advised that you consume it everyday as excess of it, despite the health benefits, is not good for you.

Remember, moderation is key even when it comes to chocolate!

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