Here’s Why Pro Chefs Never Order Fresh Fish On Mondays

Fish is a favorite for many people but according to one expert, it is best to avoid ordering fish on Mondays. This, amongst a few other reasons, is to ensure that you optimize its freshness before cooking. Keep reading to learn more.

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Chef, TV host, and author Anthony Bourdain made history when he released his book in 2000. It was titled Kitchen Confidential, which described the grisly realities of the restaurant industry to readers.

The book was lauded for its colorful writing style, stories of drug and booze-fueled kitchen shifts, and the secrets of the culinary world that he let his readers in on.

One of the secrets he let his readers in on is to never order fish on a Monday. Keep reading to find out why.

Why you should not order fish on Monday


According to Anthony, if you order fish on a Monday, there is a great probability that the restaurant placed only one seafood order for the weekend, and the filet arrived on a Friday.

If the chef didn't sell enough filets as he anticipated over the weekend. It means your fish is four days old, and has been out of the water for even longer.

This means the fish will no longer be fresh and this could spell problems for your body.

When is it okay to order fish on a Monday?


Fish usually stays fresh for about two days, so a four-day-old filet is not something you want to consume.

In a later book, Medium Raw, Anthony Bourdain explained that he was referring to restaurants that did not have seafood as their "main thrust."

For restaurants that do, you don't have to worry about freshness as seafood orders are likely coming in on a daily basis.

This means that their seafood will always be fresh and you stand a lesser risk of getting infected by any pathogens that may have started developing.

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