Very little else can beat a juicy steak, cooked to your best preferences, and accompanied by a glass of exquisite red wine. For best results, expert advise choosing cuts with a well-known taste profile and the flank steak particularly falls within this criteria.

However, many people avoid the flank steak cuts because it is also known for its tough texture. Still, don't be amazed to learn that this quality doesn't dissuade pro chefs from using flank steak!

That's because they have found a fail proof hack to keep the flank steak soft and very juicy regardless of cooking method. Keep these following tips in mind to achieve a very tender and juicy flank steak every time!

  • Professionals also suggest cooking the steak to a temperature of at least 130 degrees for the ideal medium-rare flank steak.
  • After cooking, let the steak rest for about five minutes to prevent bleeding and allow the carryover cooking process, during which the steak continues to cook even after being removed from heat.
  • Most importantly, slice into the steak carefully, with a "sharp knife held at about a 45-degree angle" and, more specifically, against the grain. Cutting the steak this way helps cut through the fibers, resulting in a more tender cut and making the task of chewing very easy to do.
  • Lastly, don't forget to enjoy your meal whether you're eating alone or while surrounded by your loved ones!