Here’s Why There Are Lines On The Solo Cup

Solo cups usually come with lines on them that many people overlook, however, these lines actually have a use and we explore what those uses are in this article so be sure to read till the end.

By Cookist

If you own solo plastic cups then you must have noticed several lines on each 16 oz. cup. These lines may look useless however they have a purpose, even though it is one that may not have crossed your mind had you not come across this article.

What people think Solo cup measurements are used for


Thanks to many viral posts from Facebook, many people now use the lines on plastic cups to pour drinks.

The bottom-most line, measuring 1 ounce, is said to be for pouring liquor. Above it, measuring 5 ounces is the next line commonly used as a measurement for wine and the last line closest to the rim of the cup is supposed to measure 12 ounces for beer.

The above measurements correlate with standard pours for adult beverages, so it only makes sense to assume that’s why they were designed initially. However, Solo claims that this is untrue.

What the lines actually mean

Solo has revealed that the lines are not there for alcohol measurements and were not an intentional design element.

The company recommends other common uses for the Solo cup measurements, including mouthwash, cereal, and the recommended amount of water we need to drink per day.

While the alcohol component is accurate in terms of measurements, Solo also offers fun, kid-friendly ways to use the lines in the plastic drinkware. These include measurements for juice, chocolate syrup, and Shirley Temples.

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