Here’s Why White Strawberry Is More Expensive Than The Common Red Variety

White strawberries are rare but that is not the only reason they are so expensive. While the unique berry has an amazing nutrient profile like the more common red variety, it has some peculiar differences that contribute to why it's so pricey on the market.

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White strawberries are traditionally grown in Japan and only recently started appearing in the U.S. markets so it is still considered a luxury. The most popular variety of white strawberries is the jewel strawberry and it has been around since 2012.

The farmer behind its development spent years crossbreeding varieties of strawberries to achieve the best results including a better flavor, a larger size, softer texture, and much paler color.

The Unique Features Of White Strawberries and Red Strawberries 


It has been said that people with strawberry allergies can eat white strawberries without any allergic reactions. White strawberries are the way they are because during the growth period, their exposure to light is reduced.

Red strawberries get their color from their exposure to sunlight. If the light is restricted, about 10 percent of the berries turn out entirely white, while the rest end up with pink or red spots.

White strawberries have been said to be sweeter than red strawberries, and taste similar to pineapple.

They are mostly available in Japan, however they can also be found in luxury food stores in the U.S. You may also find other varieties of them at farmer markets. These ones have been grown in USDA planting zones four through 10.

There are over 50 white strawberry varieties, including the popular Japanese jewel strawberries.

The Difference Between White Strawberries and Pineberries


Pineberries are a hybrid of the white strawberry that can ripen in the sun, which gives them a more pinkish hue.

Given their color and rarity they can easily be mistaken for white strawberries. The major difference between these two berries is their breeding.

Unlike the white strawberries, pineberries are a cross between a wild South American strawberry from Chile and the classic North American strawberry. They're smaller in size than jewel strawberries and look more like traditional wild strawberries.

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