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Here’s Why You Should Start Adding Brown Butter To Your Scrambled Eggs

Making scrambled eggs is a pretty straightforward task and fortunately, it can be eaten at any time of the day and as an accompaniment for nearly any dish. In this article, we introduce the innovative recipe trick that's adding brown butter to your scrambled eggs. You'll never want to do it another way after trying this; just make sure you do it correctly!

By Cookist

You can take your scrambled eggs from being simple to being an appropriate addition to the tables of the finest dining halls. All you have to do is add brown butter! Although it seems like an unusual addition, the butter lends an umami taste to the scrambled eggs.

Brown butter is known for its signature "toasted" and "nutty" flavor which always augments any dish it is added to. Even better, brown butter is easy to make; it's simply melted butter that is cooked until it is brown but not burnt.


The browning process eliminates the butter's water content, leaving the milk proteins that remain to cook. As these proteins cook, they release an aromatic richness and take on this beautiful flavor that makes the butter the perfect addition to your scrambled eggs.

They lend their special nutty flavor to the scrambled eggs thanks to the Maillard reaction, which is the chemical process that causes the butter to change colors and flavors as it cooks.

However, if you plan to add brown butter to your scrambled eggs, make sure to add just a bit at the end of your cooking, so as to preserve the quality of the butter's flavors.


How to Make Brown Butter

  • Melt butter in a saucepan over medium-high. When it starts to boil, reduce the heat to medium, then simmer until foamy.
  • Continue cooking, stirring occasionally and scraping bottom of pan, just until the foam subsides, the butter turns golden brown with a nutty aroma, and the milk solids separate into brown specks that sink to bottom. This should take about two to seven minutes.
  • Remove from heat and immediately transfer to a heatproof bowl unless otherwise noted in the recipe. Keep in mind that the butter may start burning if left in the hot pan for too long.


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