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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty For Taking An Afternoon Nap After Lunch

An afternoon nap usually comes soon after lunch and this is for numerous biological reasons and there’s no reason to feel guilty for getting sleepy. An expert has shared why, how and when is the best time to take a nap after having lunch to get the utmost benefits.

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Taking a nap after eating lunch has many benefits not just for your body but also for your mind as well. Adults can benefit from an afternoon nap. With one, there's no reason to feel sluggish about sleeping during the day as your energy levels will remain high.

A quick nap in the middle of the day can boost memory, job performance, mood, and alertness, and also reduce stress.

Of course, too many naps or too long ones are not very ideal, which is why it is important to know how to make the most of a nap.

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has shared why, how and when is the best time to nap post-lunch.

She also shared what not to do when planning to nap after lunch.


Below are 6 reasons to take a nap post-lunch according to the nutritionist:

  • Improved heart health, especially good for people with high BP or those who have already done procedures on their heart
  • Improved hormonal balance (Diabetes, PCOD, Thyroid, also classical overeaters
  • Improved digestion (IBS, constipation, acne and dandruff)
  • Improved sleep at night (insomnia, frequent travellers, shaadi goers and jet lag)
  • Improved recovery (from workouts, illnesses)
  • Improved fat loss (because of all the factors above)

To enjoy all the above benefits it is crucial that you do things the right way. And there is a

name for the right way of doing it – Vamakukshi.

Below are the steps:

  • When should it happen – right after lunch
  • How should it happen – lie down in the foetal position on vour left side (Vamakukshi)
  • How long should it last – 10 – 30 mins nap (about 90 mins for the very young, the very old, the very sick)
  • Ideal time – between 1-3 pm

Here are different ways to rest post lunch based on tour location:

  • If at home, lie down on the bed
  • If at work, just put your head down on the desk and rest (tell your HR it increases productivity).
  • Alternatively, you can doze off on an easy chair and if you cannot do that either, just go to a window and look far away, stare in space and allow your mind to unwind.

What to totally avoid:

  • Nap between 4-7pm
  • Have stimulants like tea, coffee, cigarettes, chocolate post lunch
  • Get on the phone and surf and excite your senses
  • Sleep beyond 30 mins at one time and
  • Sleeping with the TV on.

Good luck!

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