Keeping your food plan under control is an essential habit not only to keep fit, but also to take care of your health. Here are the 10 natural foods that can be used to replace medicines and pills.

Have you ever thought of replacing pills, drugs and syrups with natural foods that can cure and prevent disease? Nutrition is essential not only to keep fit, but also to stay perfectly healthy, improving one's immune system. The results are obtained, however, only by combining the right foods with a correct daily diet plan. Let's find out what foods can be bought at the supermarket and that have the ability to prevent and treat diseases.

1. Ginger

Ginger is ideal for treating menstrual pain, in fact it has a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-pain effect and therefore it can be used safely to replace drugs used to fight abdominal pain during the menstrual cycle.

2. Chia seeds


Chia seeds contain high amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids, as well as soluble and insoluble fiber. They have innumerable beneficial properties, especially lowering bad cholesterol and blood triglycerides.

3. Turmeric 

 Turmeric is not a spice like any other, but it has many healthy benefits. It is indeed a powerful anti-inflammatory, so much that it can easily replace specific medicines.

4. Salmon

Salmon is one of the most beneficial foods in the world. It contributes to the treatment of inflammatory conditions and autoimmune diseases. Taken regularly, it prevents countless annoyances.

5. Peppermint

In the case of swollen stomach, abdominal pains and irritable bowels, peppermint can be used instead of medicines. It is rich in fiber and it can calm down pain right away.

6. Hibiscus tea

 Karkadè, also known as hibiscus tea or Abyssinian tea, is a drink derived from the dried petals of scarlet flowers. It stimulates renal activity, facilitates digestion and reduces blood pressure.

7. Oats

Oats and barley, almost forgotten cereals, have been re-evaluated recently because they help maintain the right level of cholesterol. In particular, oat bran, if consumed every day, has countless positive effects on the body.

8. Beans

Beans are the most beneficial legumes in the world. Not only they help digestion, but they also control high cholesterol.

9. Pickles

In case of intestinal pain, pickles are the best food to eat. They can easily replace drugs and will relieve any kind of discomfort.

10. Buckwheat honey

When you are hit by strong coughs and you do not want to take syrups on the market, the ideal is to eat buckwheat honey, maybe melted in milk. It has in fact remarkable expectorant and bactericidal properties.

Can foods always replace drugs?

A healthy diet is certainly the first step to be taken to prevent a series of ailments and diseases, but in the case of serious illnesses, of course, you need to go to an expert to get the right treatment. Nature offers us an infinite number of healthy remedies that can help us feel better and relieve some pain. However, these natural remedies are not always able to cure certain pathologies that necessarily need some medical treatments to be fought. Before relying on the do-it-yourself diet, it is therefore advisable to ask a nutritionist and, in more serious cases, a specialist doctor for advice.