Horoscope: the ideal breakfast for every zodiac sign

Enjoy your horoscope and do the right breakfast!

By Cookist


Aries – American breakfast

Aries is known to be adventurous, energetic, courageous and dynamic. What better breakfast than the American one to recharge in the morning? With sausages, bacon and fried eggs in the stomach, he/she will be able to face every challenge.

Taurus – Croissant and cappuccino


Taurus is a sign that loves all that is traditional and, to start well the day, he/she could only choose a croissant and a cappuccino. He/she just prefers  the classic breakfast, the only one that can give him/her the right energy to face the day.

Gemini – Scrambled eggs

Gemini wants to spend his/her days in constant motion, so as not to get bored even for a moment. To do this, he/she must consume an abundant and protein breakfast. What better choice than scrambled eggs to start the day right?

Cancer – Crepes with chocolate


Cancer is appreciated by everyone for his/her emotionality and his/her sweetness and he/she loves to cuddle also in the kitchen. It is precisely for this reason that his/her day would always begin with tasty chocolate crêpes: they are able to send away the sadness with just one bite.

Leo – Homemade cakes

Leo is a strong and self-centered sign and he/she loves to take care of himself/herself, even at breakfast. There is no better way for him/her to start the day than with a good cake made with his/her own hands. Having the smell of food around the house drives him/her crazy.

Virgo – Milk and coffee


Virgo is a rational and meticulous sign and he/she always tries to make thoughtful choices in his/her life. To avoid weighing himself/herself down too early in the morning, he/she only wants to drink milk and coffee at breakfast. That way, he/she won't end up being overwhelmed by office fatigue.

Libra – Orange juice

Libra is a sign that likes to take care of his/her appearance, since he/she always wants to look perfect in public. That's why he/she loves to keep fit. To do this, he/she knows that he/she has to start the day with an excellent orange juice, the best choice also to take care of his/her health.

Scorpio – Toasted bread with butter


Scorpio was born to be strong and passionate and, from the early morning hours, he/she wants to find the right charge. What better choice than toasted bread with butter? It is tasty and it provides carbohydrates in quantity.

Sagittarius – Snacks

Sagittarius is jovial, honest, direct but at the same time, spending time sitting at the table or cooking bores him/her. It is for this reason that even at breakfast he/she chooses the "easiest way" and prefers to consume packaged snacks rather than some homemade cake.

Capricorn – Pancakes


Capricorn is the most practical, ambitious and careful zodiac sign. The talent that most distinguishes him/her is patience, so much so that as soon as he/she wakes up he/she would be able to spend hours at the stove just for the pleasure of enjoying something good to eat. His/her ideal breakfast? The one with homemade pancakes.

Aquarius – Milk and cereals

Aquarius is friendly and loyal, and he/she loves to keep fit with both physical activity and diet. Although he/she seems to be always absent-minded, in reality he/she is very rigorous and he/she knows that, to follow a healthy lifestyle, he/she must begin with breakfast. This is why he/she often chooses to consume milk and cereals, avoiding more fat and caloric foods.

Pisces – Sweet donuts


Pisces are real dreamers and they love to fill their lives with sweetness, even at the table. At breakfast they would be able to consume whole boxes of sweet donuts: only in this way would they be able to start the day with the right mood.

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