How It Feels To Have Gordon Ramsay Kick You Out Of The Kitchen

It is no secret that Gordon Ramsay burns through emotions as fast as a warm knife cuts through butter. The scene is engrained in the minds of his viewers to the point that some even cover their eyes when their favourite cook becomes his target. Recently, one contestant from Hell’s Kitchen shared what it felt like to actually be on the receiving end of the Master Chef’s scrutiny.

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Alex Belew was a contestant on the 21st season of Hell’s Kitchen but before that, he had taken time out to study Ramsay throwing fearful contestants out of the kitchen many times in preparation for if it ever happened to him.

He thought he was ready. However the first time it happened to his crew, Belew revealed to Mashed that he almost requested a hall pass to return to the kitchen and finish his ticket. Keep reading to find out why he did not.

His Indignation is Usually Righteous


Despite how cringe-worthy his corrective rants can be, Gordon Ramsay does not qualify as the male version of the evil stepmom. In fact, contestants have described him as a gracious loving father, a good mentor, and a funny man.

Unfortunately, having such tender thoughts about him makes it even harder to stomach his disappointment in you. According to Belew, getting chewed out by Ramsay while the cameras were rolling was “really disappointing.”

He said: “That feeling that you had as a kid when your parents looked at you and said, ‘I'm disappointed.”

An incident Belew could still freshly recall was when a pair from England visited the restaurant to celebrate their 40th anniversary. According to Belew, the couple flew to America and had their dinner booked, but they could not get their food out so his team was kicked out.

Belew said: "I remember he kicked us all out to the dorms and then I stood there in the hallway, contemplating. Do I go back in there and say, ‘Can I please finish this ticket?'"

Belew decided to stay put in the end because he knew returning to the kitchen would have incited one of two responses from Ramsay; ‘Good man. I appreciate you trying,' or ‘Get the f*** out.'

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