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How Many Nuts and Dried Fruit Can You Eat Per Day?

By Cookist

How Many Nuts Can You Take Daily?

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, 30 g of nuts per day is the ideal quantity.

It's worth great consideration since the results of the study proved that eating just about 30 g of nuts every day leads to an extended life span.

The study was carried out by monitoring two large American cohorts (around 119,000 adults, 65% of whom were women) who were followed for three decades.

After the surveillance period ended, it was noted that the consumption of nuts was inversely associated with the mortality rate linked to all main causes (cardiovascular pathologies, diseases of the respiratory system, and cancers).


In particular, people who had at least 7 servings of nuts per week (about 28-30 g per day) had a mortality rate 30 years after they started getting observed. That was 20% lower than those who did not eat them at all.

These results they obtained seem to confirm the positive effect of nuts on our health. There are many reasons why nuts are such great additions to your diet.

Some include:

  • Nuts don't contain cholesterol
  • They have minimal levels of saturated fats, and a high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids
  • They are also rich in vitamins, minerals, phytosterols, flavonoids and carotenoids.

Of course there are nuts that contain so much energy and fat content tha you jave to be extremely watchful when consuming them.

A good example is walnuts. They have several  beneficial characteristics, including being energy-dense and having a high fat content, so it is important you don't consume too much.


The average daily portion (30 g) recommended by international guidelines, in particular by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), falls within the food plan and does not generate particular imbalances.

How much Dried Fruit per day?


According to the US FDA, 40 g of dried fruit per day is the ideal quantity of dried fruit to consume per day.

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