Eating fish, pineapples, walnuts, and chocolate will help you to be in a good mood. These foods have properties that stimulate physical and emotional well-being.

Serotonin (happiness hormone) and endorphin (responsible for easing stress and increasing pleasure) are the substances whose mission is to spread a feeling of happiness and well-being. In other words, they allow us to be happier.

They significantly help to regulate sleep and manage stress and they could not enter the body without the help of tryptophan.

On the other hand, carbohydrates transport these substances to the brain and generate the sensation of pleasure. That's why we show you the 10 foods to be happier with.

Foods to be happier with


According to a study carried out at the University of Pittsburgh, people with low levels of omega-3 fatty acids are at greater risk of suffering from depression and moodiness.

Since the body does not produce it alone, this nutrient must be taken and we find it in the fish. For this reason, this food is recommended to reduce the symptoms of depression and lack of sleep.


In addition to stimulating the release of serotonin, the cherry is also excellent for a greater concentration of endorphins, dopamine and noradrenaline. These elements reduce irritability, improve sleep and increase pain-tolerance levels.


The low level of selenium can cause irritability, insomnia and depression; since they possess a large amount of this chemical, walnuts are recommended to increase good mood and be happier.

Foods rich in vitamin B12

The group B vitamins is a great ally to improve the mood; without a doubt, vitamin B12 stands out because it performs the following functions:


– It increases energy
– It reduces the feeling of fatigue and tiredness
– It regulates the nervous system
– It increases physical, emotional and mental energy
– It stimulates mental serenity

These foods, in addition to being rich in vitamin B12, are a source of zinc, iron, and copper, elements that positively affect the mood:

– Almonds and oysters
– Beef
– Liver
– Cheese
– Eggs


Bananas are rich in nutrients and fibers, they have a significant mineral content and they give the body an excellent supply of energy.

Since they contain tryptophan, they promote the secretion of serotonin, giving a calming effect to the nervous system.

They reduce cholesterol levels, muscle cramps, they are a natural antacid and lower levels of arterial hypertension.

Spicy foods

Spicy foods have a large amount of a chemical called capsaicin.

In contact with the taste buds, it sends signals to the brain secreting endorphin, which provides a state of euphoria and energy that allows us to be happier.

Capsaicin is also related to the process of eliminating cancer cells and decreasing neuropathic pain.


Chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins in the body and it increases the serotonin in the brain. It contains theobromine, which produces an effect similar to that of caffeine, promoting attention, vitality and happiness.

Remember that consumption of this food should be moderate, as it can cause problems of addiction, increasing anxiety and causing other disorders such as being overweight.


Since it contains compounds that stimulate the secretion of serotonin, pineapple acts as a stimulant of physical and emotional well-being.

It is useful for improving concentration and fighting insomnia; besides it is anti-inflammatory, reducing the annoyance that inevitably causes bad mood.

Foods rich in zinc

Deficiency of this mineral can affect depression and low tolerance to stress.

Foods that contain zinc help to assimilate proteins and carbohydrates, as well as they give us energy.

Some of the foods that contain this mineral salt are:

Pumpkin and its seeds
Milk and derivatives
Whole grains


Carbohydrates help to balance the mood and pasta is part of this group.

Pasta promotes proper digestion, provides nutritional benefits and helps physical performance.

Likewise, pasta lowers cholesterol levels, provides a good amount of fiber to the body and it helps regulate blood sugar levels.

A balanced consumption of the foods mentioned, combined with a healthy diet and daily physical activity, will help to achieve a feeling of completeness and happiness.

If none of these foods improves your mood, the best advice is to seek help from a professional.