Cabbages and broccoli have always been present in our diet, but too often a wrong way of cooking risks making them lose their numerous beneficial properties, also giving them an unpleasant taste. Let’s see some tips and tricks to cook them in the right way, enhancing their quality and taste.

Not everybody like broccoli and cabbage because of the very strong smell and flavor, but actually we should eat them in very large quantities given their infinite beneficial properties for our body. The secret to loving broccoli and cabbage is to cook them in the right way, keeping intact as much as possible their characteristics: they are in fact rich in mineral salts, vitamins and antioxidants that can be lost if cooked too much or in the wrong way. Broccoli and cabbage are also versatile in the kitchen but a bad prejudice does not let us know all the tasty recipes that we could prepare: in short, forget those terrible boiled cabbages that your mother prepared for you and follow our advice on how to cook broccoli and cabbage in the right way, keeping intact their taste and properties.

How to cook cabbage and broccoli without losing their beneficial properties

The absolute best way to cook cabbage and broccoli is to steam them, but we can also prepare healthy and tasty dishes in the pan, not to mention salads. Absolutely do not boil them: your kitchen will start to smell like hell and they will lose all their properties. Let's see some tips and advices, with some tasty recipes.

1. Steam cooking

Steaming broccoli and cabbage is undoubtedly the best way to prepare light and healty dishes rich in beneficial properties. Steamed broccoli and cabbage especially maintain an enzyme called myrosinase which has a powerful tumor prevention effect. Even if you don’t have a steamer, you can cook your vegetables using a saucepan, a steel or silicone colander and a lid. Be careful with cooking times: for broccoli 4/6 minutes will be enough while for cabbage it is better to not exceed 10 minutes. After cooking them, simply season them with oil and salt and serve them as a side dish.

2. Without cooking

Maybe you will be surprised to know but broccoli and cabbage can also be eaten raw and in this way you will no doubt take all the vitamins and mineral salts. A fresh and quick recipe in which cabbage is the protagonist is for example the coleslaw, an Irish dish with savoy cabbage and carrots topped with a sauce made with mayonnaise, yogurt and mustard. Broccoli can be also the protagonists of rich mixed salads, just clean them and chop them.

3. Cooking in a pan

In third place in our ranking among the best cooking methods described we find the pan: cut the broccoli into florets and then in half and then cut the cabbages into strips and cook them in a pan with a clove of garlic and a chilli pepper. A false myth to debunk is that in the pan the ingredients must cook more than 10 minutes: the broccoli and cabbage are in fact excellent even if slightly crunchy and they are perfectly digestible.