The flour moths are insects that feed on grains and flours and then proliferate in pasta, rice and flour. Getting rid of them is not simple but not even impossible. Let's see how to do it with natural and effective methods.

The first thing to do to eliminate the moths of the flour is to clear the pantry and thoroughly clean all the furniture, throwing away all the food that we believe contaminated. To clean well we can pass a mild detergent, but first it is better, if there is the possibility, vacuuming in every corner of the furniture to be sure to have eliminated both moths and eggs. The cleaning of the piece of furniture can also be done with warm water and vinegar which is also disinfectant and does not need to be rinsed.

Among the natural remedies to defeat the flour moths certainly stands out the bay; it seems that this type of insects are removed from the smell of the bay and then placing a few leaves in the pantry can help. You can also decide to stop the bay leaves with a piece of adhesive tape near the lids so that the moths do not approach.

To prevent the formation of flour moths, a cotton ball soaked in essential oil of eucalyptus or lavender can also be inserted into the pantry, which will ward off the moths with their smell.

On the market there are many useful products to get rid of the flour moths and also the sticky traps that attract insects and capture them thanks to the glue.

Remember also the wood insecticide that can be sprayed inside the cracks and slits that normally form inside the furniture; it is just in these little places that the moths of food prefer to hide themselves to deposit the eggs.
Remember to always leave the packages tightly closed with airtight caps or with a piece of adhesive tape. If the moths will not find any food they will not approach.