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How to enjoy a unique pink-colored lemon-based drink at your home

Many people have a fixation for the color pink. Given the fact that more and more people (including kids) are opting for a “unicorn” and “all things pink” themed party, it is pretty easy to at least have one food item on the menu that will match the theme of the party. We are talking about one of the most surprising beverages that you can serve to your guests this summer, a pink lemonade. It seems pretty unreal, right? Read on to know how you can enjoy a pink lemonade at your home without adding any artificial colors to it!

By Cookist

The pink color is the warmest, most loving, and pleasing color to the eyes. And, for all those who are in love with this color, you have something extraordinary lying at the nearest Trader Joe’s from your place. It is the very elusive pink-colored lemons that are undoubtedly one of the most surprising creations of nature.

Available at the grocery store Trader Joe’s, you can now pick a bag of 3 pink lemons containing 8 oz. (227 grams) of this fruit for $1.69 only. These pink lemons appear slightly different than the regular lemons. It has green stripes and yellow skin on the outside, pale pink colored flesh inside, and is somewhat less tart to taste compared to regular lemons. In fact, when cut open, these lemons pretty much resemble grapefruits and looks like a miniature version of them.

It has been found that as this fruit ripens, the green stripes fade, and it turns intense pink in color. The pinker the lemon, the sweeter it gets compared to the tartness of yellow lemons.

You can use them to add flair to any beverage, such as lemonade, cocktail, mocktail, flavored water, etc. They may taste like regular lemons, but there is nothing ‘regular’ about these beauties. Apparently, you can use them to garnish salads and beverages too, apart from using them in the sweet and savory baked preparations.

However, the juice of pink lemons may not be overtly pink in color. So, you have to use a bit more of the pink lemon juice for the beverage to appear in the tints of faint pink, or even darker. So, go ahead to buy a pack of pink lemons for yourself and marvel at this unique fruit as you sip a “pink” beverage sitting at a comfy corner of your home!

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