How to express your thoughts using the cutlery

Here are some of the ways to use the cutlery to share your thoughts.

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Read on to know how you can convey your message to the chef and the people at the restaurant using mere cutlery!

Cutlery is not only a tool to eat food but if used properly, you can also give the waiter clues regarding your meal. Here are some of the ways to use the cutlery to share your thoughts.

Not finished

Rest your cutlery on the plate with pointy ends facing upwards in V-shape with tips of the cutlery joining each other. Alternatively, you can also rest your fork vertically and knife placed slightly diagonally on the plate.



Place the knife and fork parallel to each other in the center of the plate to convey that you are through with the meal.

Serve next meal


Place the knife and fork in a criss-cross manner with fork placed vertically and knife horizontally over the plate.

Excellent meal

Place the knife and the fork horizontally across the plate with sharp ends of the utensils pointing to the right.


Unpleasant meal

Place the knife’s blade through the fork’s serrations to make a V shape indicating that you did not quite enjoy the meal. Never place your used cutlery on the clean table cloth and you must always place it on the plate. While using cutlery work your way in, when you find too many forks, knives, and spoons placed on the table set-up. Never serve the food with your cutlery and you must only use the serving spoon present with each food preparation. Never place your fork and knife in a crisscross “X” on your plate, as the cutlery is quite prone to slipping off the plate when it is placed this way and becomes a nightmare for the waiter to pick. Never lick your knife and never use a fork or a knife to point to any person.

Using chopsticks


Never stow them in the rice or place them in an X as it is considered a bad omen. Do not lick them, use them to point to any individual, use as drumsticks, or rub them together.

Every dish has a story
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