Have you ever thought you could fry foods without oil, making them light and low-fat? Let's find out how to use glucose powder, an excellent way to cook food.

Fried foods are a sin of gluttony that sometimes we love to indulge in, and we can do it without guilt if we use a frying method that will allow us to fry without oil and without fat. In fact, instead of oil we can use glucose powder or a more technological way to fry foods in a healthy way is to use the latest generation fryers, which with just one tablespoon of oil are able to use an amount of fat less than 80%.
Let's see how to use these alternative and healthier frying systems.

How to fry without oil and with glucose powder?

To fry foods without oil, you can use glucose powder (or dextrose) a natural sugar perfect for frying as it melts at 150 degrees and caramelizes at 190 degrees. It is easily available in supermarkets, patisseries and pharmacies. You must put it on the fire until it becomes a transparent liquid and when it comes to a boil, you can put in the food to be fried. In case the temperature should rise too much, you can pour a little dextrose powder to lower it. As for normal frying, even with glucose you must then eliminate the excess, by placing the fried food on blotting paper. Glucose is suitable for both sweet and salty foods, even for frying your beloved fries. In case you have to fry some sweets, the glucose will be really perfect. But if you need to cook vegetables, meat or fish, be very careful. In order not to make the food too sweet, you will have to protect it, maybe by wrapping it in a lettuce or salad leaf, or another broad-leaved vegetable, and then pour it into the pan, tying it first with a kitchen string or chives, sealing well for leaving glucose outside. For example, it will take about 2 minutes to cook some pieces of chicken. Frying will be light and crispy, as well as faster.

How to get a crispy frying?

The foods cooked with glucose powder will be crispy if fried at a temperature between 150° C and 180° C. The important thing is not to bring the temperature to 190° C, otherwise the foods will be caramelized. So always keep an eye on the temperature of the oil with a kitchen thermometer, and your frying will be perfectly crispy.

Air fryer, for a light frying of last generation

Enjoy light fried foods with low fat, thanks to the latest generation fryers that allow you to fry without oil or with only 10 grams of oil, which correspond to 1 teaspoon. These are hot air fryers that many big manufacturers have decided to produce. This modern fryer is able to fry through the ventilation that spreads on the non-stick bowl thanks to a shovel that mixes the food continuously until you fry it evenly and uniformly. These new generation fryers allow you to have a frying crispy outside and friable inside, using a quantity of fats less than 80% compared to traditional frying.

Which air fryer to choose for frying without oil?

Regarding the choice, pay attention to the features offered by the manufacturers, so as to purchase a product as professional as possible but at a fair price. The capacity must be at least 1 liter, with removable tray, lid and non-stick bowl also dishwasher safe. Some also have a temperature regulation system and automatic shut-off with an acoustic signal for added security.