How to Get a Cake Out of its Pan: the #1 Hack That Will Never Make Your Cakes Stick Again!

If the cakes always stick to the baking sheet, don’t worry, we have the ultimate solution even without parchment paper! You'll only need 3 ingredients. Here's an easy hack to stop cakes from sticking to the pan.

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In the world of baking, few things are as frustrating as the moment of truth turning sour when a beautifully risen cake stubbornly clings to its pan, despite meticulous preparation. The ritual of buttering and flouring baking pans, passed down through generations, sometimes falls short, leading to cakes that are less than perfect in presentation. This common issue not only dampens the joy of baking but can also compromise the integrity of your masterpiece, turning what should be a moment of pride into a scene of culinary despair. It's a problem that can make even the most seasoned bakers hesitant, knowing that all their effort might not end up on the plate but instead, stuck to the pan.

But fear not, for we bring you the ultimate solution to this age-old dilemma. Imagine never having to worry about your cake adhering to its pan again, ensuring flawless, smooth releases every single time. This isn't just wishful thinking—it's entirely possible with our #1 hack, which is ready in less than 30 minutes. The best part? It's a completely natural, do-it-yourself method that not only works wonders but also aligns with a sustainable and chemical-free baking philosophy. Say goodbye to the days of cake casualties and hello to perfect bakes, every time.

What You'll Need

– 80 grams of butter (1/3 cups)

– 100 grams of flour (3/4 cups)

– 100 grams of seed oil (1/2 cups)


How to Get a Cake Out of its Pan

Inside of a glass bowl, pour all the different ingredients mentioned above. Then, start softening the ingredients with a spoon, until they have started mixing together and have reached a crumbly consistence. Then, to blend them together to perfection, mix them using an electrical whisk, until you have obtained a smooth and liquid consistency. Pour this mixture inside of a glass jar.

When you bake, all you'll need to do is get this totally natural, DIY mixture of ingredients and, helping yourself with a kitchen brush (preferably a pastry one), you'll have to brush the bottoms and the edges of your cake pans with the mixture. This will have the be done right before pouring in the cake batter. Once you've poured it in, you'll be ready to bake the cake and you'll be surprised to see how easily the cake, once baked, will come out of the pan, without leaving any residue.


How to Store the Mixture

The mixture has to be stored inside of a glass jar safely closed with a lid. It can be stored inside of the fridge for up to a month. Therefore, when you prepare it, do it knowing that you'll be able to use it in the course of that month. Alternatively, you can freeze the mixture up to 3 months.

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