How to grow garlic and onion in pots: tips and tricks

Garlic and onion are key elements of the kitchen and, even if you do not have a vegetable garden, it is possible to grow them at home so as to always have them available for your recipes. All you need is a pot, soil and seeds: for the rest, just follow our tips.

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With the arrival of spring, have you decided to try your hand at a nice home garden, but you don't know where to start? Do you want to put your green thumb to the test and are you looking for some advice to avoid making a mistake? Today we see how to grow garlic and onion in pots, in a simple and completely natural way, so as to always have them available and within reach of a recipe.


More and more often we hear about home-grown crops, certainly a pastime, but also a way to take care of yourself and bring genuine and tasty ingredients to the table. Even if you don't have a garden, don't worry; a balcony, a few pots and the right advice are enough to grow garlic and onions at home, so let's find out how.

How to grow onion in pots


White, golden or red, the onion can be easily grown in pots, so as to always have a genuine and truly organic product available. To do this, just follow these simple steps:

  • Distribute the terrain in the pot or pots in which you are going to grow the onion; it is important that it is neither too sandy nor too earthy or damp and that it is arranged in such a way as to be well moved, so that the bulbs have the necessary space to grow. and absorb all nutrients;
  • if you have chosen to use the seeds of the plant, place them at a depth of about 3 centimeters in the terrain;
  • you can plant 2 or maximum 3 seeds for each pot (pot which in this case must be at least 30 centimeters long);
  • after planting the seeds, leave the pot indoors for a month and place it in direct sunlight only when you see the sprouts appear;
  • if you choose to use bulbs, arrange 1 or 2 for each pot at a depth of 2.5 centimeters and place the pot directly outside;
  • water your onions a little every day;
  • after a few months the stems of the plants will begin to shine with an intense green color; it is the right time to harvest them.

How to grow garlic in pots


The best time to plant garlic indoors is spring or summer, the hottest months, when it is easier to expose the plants to sunlight, which is essential for its growth. If you have decided to plant garlic in pots, proceed as follows:

  • Prepare a pot;
  • arrange a drainage material on the bottom, maybe some gravel, so as to allow excess water to flow out easily after watering;
  • fill the pot with fertile terrain (if you prefer you can also add natural fertilizer);
  • take the garlic cloves (even those already sprouted will be fine) and place them in the ground, 10 centimeters deep, with the tip (the sprout) facing upwards;
  • you can arrange more than one clove in each pot, as long as there is a distance of at least 8 centimeters between one and the other, so that each plant has enough space to grow;
  • store the pots in a place in the house where they can receive direct sunlight;
  • water your garlic once a week;
  • after about 6 months, you will be able to collect the "fruits" of your work; be careful to remove the garlic plants from the terrain only when the leaves have started to turn yellow and leave them to dry outdoors for a week before using the bulbs.
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