How to keep your food fresher: incredible and useful tips

How to keep food fresh longer.

By Cookist

Follow these simple and effective tips to keep food fresh longer.


1) Meat freezer burn: put the meat in a plastic bag and leave tip open. Put the bag in a bowl with water and seal tight and close: vacuum is ready and you can freeze the meat.

2) Strawberries: when you buy the strawberries insert the plastic box in a bowl with water and apple cider vinegar. Then keep then in the fridge.

3) Moldy bread: in the bread bag insert a piece of celery. After 1 week the bread will be fresh yet.

4) Stale cookies: put a bread slice into the glass jar to keep your cookies very crispy.

5) Milk: to keep milk fresh longer, sprinkle some salt inside the bottle and refrigerate.

6) Bananas: tie the plastic bag on top and after a week they'll be still fresh.

7) Salad: put the salad in a kitchen towel and then insert into the plastic box.

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